In case of emergency call 01785 813955

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Shires Vets Out of Hours Emergency Service

Telephone: 01785 813955

Shires Vets are proud to provide our clients with our own ‘out of hours’ service in case of an emergency. For all emergencies please call the number above.

Pet Symptoms Checker

If your pet is unwell, try our pet symptom guide to help you decide how soon you should see us. Click Here >

Family Pet Out of Hours

Our team of companion animal veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses are based at our Stone practice [LINK] where we have hospitalisation facilities and all the essential equipment on stand-by. Hopefully your pet will not need our emergency assistance, but for peace of mind Shires Vets are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including bank holidays).

Is it an emergency?

Bleeding? Difficulty breathing? Collapse or unconsciousness? Difficulty giving birth? Pain or injured? Unable to pass urine? These are some of the situations that may require immediate veterinary attention – please phone the emergency number above.

If in doubt, please follow the ‘Pet Symptom Guide’ to help guide you through any problem and determine whether you should call Shires Vets out of hours.

Routine advice, booking appointments and requesting repeat medications should wait until the surgery is open during working hours (see individual branches for opening times [LINK to opening times]).

What is the cost?

The out of hours consult fee for the vet to meet you at the surgery is understandably greater than a consult during the working day; staff and equipment need to be available for your pet around the clock. The cost increases overnight compared to during the day and an estimate can be provided when you speak to the emergency vet.

Out of Hours visits?

Wherever possible your pet should be brought into the Stone surgery for attention out of hours as this will be the quickest way for your pet to be seen, will provide us with the full facilities to investigate and will give your pet more treatment options.

House visits are easier to arrange during working hours when more staff are available however, may sometimes be possible out of hours, depending on the situation and any other emergencies being treated at the surgery at the time. Please discuss this with the on call vet.

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