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About Shires Vets

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Small Holdings

Small Holdings

Services for Small Holders
Alpacas and llamas to goats, pigs and poultry we have treated them all...

The next talk will be on Practical Lambing for the Novice Sheep Keeper. Weds 22nd Feb 6:30pm @ Eccleshall Surgery.

To book in please call the surgery on 01785 850218

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Farm Stories / Case Studies


WHAT IS BVD? BVD is a highly contagious viral diseases of cattle. It is one of the biggest disease issues facing the UK cattle industry. BVD has been estimated to cost between £13 and £31 per cow in Great Britain...

Fertility Improvements

One unique thing about Shires is how we carry out our routine fertility visits (RFV’s). Shires Vets offer an Interherd bureau service (all included in the price of the visits) where the lay-staff input all the service and calving data since the last visit to allow us to produce up to date sheets for which animals need to be seen...

Shires Vets Farm Illustration