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Laboratory services

Shires Vets can perform a wide range of tests within our own laboratory as part of a diagnostic investigation of illness or for health screening senior pets or those being anaesthetised.

We have top-of-the-range blood analysis machines at our Stone, Eaton Park and Eccleshall branches which undergo regular quality control checks, to enable us to obtain rapid (within 24 hours) and reliable results for diagnostic tests from your pet's blood and urine:

  • Biochemistry (e.g. assessing kidneys and liver, protein levels, glucose etc).
  • Electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride are importantly assessed alongside many diseases and require managing/ monitoring).
  • Haematology (for counting red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in cases of anaemia, infection etc).
  • Urine testing (assess concentrating ability of kidneys, detect inflammation/ signs of infection, measure protein leakage from kidneys etc).
  • Further individual tests to assess liver function (bile acids), for pancreatitis, thyroid levels, detecting lungworm, feline AIDs virus and leukaemia virus, monitoring of cushingoid dogs (ACTH stimulation testing) etc.
  • Microscopic examination of urine sediment to diagnose crystals as a cause of cystitis, ear swabs etc for yeasts or bacteria detection. Cytological examination of needle aspirates from swellings/ masses.
  • Senior pet health screening: alongside examination and weight monitoring, blood and urinalysis can help us pick up problems early to hopefully improve the outcome for your pet.
  • Pre-anaesthetic blood screening (biochemistry and haematology): is recommended for middle-aged and senior pets to ensure no detectable underlying organ dysfunction. This can help us manage any hidden additional risks of anaesthesia or surgery for your pet.
  • Rabbit blood profiles.

Some tests are transferred to an external veterinary laboratory (Idexx); samples are collected daily by courier. This enables us to request a wide range of specialist tests to help investigate disease and monitor treatment. These tests can assist with assessment of  skin allergies, infectious diseases, cardiac enzyme levels, culture bacterial swabs to optimise antibiotic selection, examination of needle aspirates and biopsies for cancer.

For dog breeders we can take blood samples for you to take directly to a local veterinary laboratory (Keele), or for collection by our external lab, to assess progesterone levels to determine optimal mating timing.

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