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Parasite Prevention

Over the past couple of years there have been exciting new developments in the world of flea, tick and worm treatments. Here at Shires Vets we have spent time reviewing all the new and current products to bring you the most comprehensive parasite prevention policy we can at the best possible price.




We recommend Milpro tablets every 3 months. These have a convenient dose range with a small tablet treating puppies and dogs of 0.5-5kgs in weight and the standard tablet treating dogs at a dose of 1 tablet per 25kgs bodyweight.

Milpro is a fully comprehensive wormer covering roundworms, tapeworms and also lungworm (removing the need to messy spot ons). If your pet is a serious slug eater then speak to us as we may increase the frequency of dosing

Fleas and Ticks:

We now recommend Bravecto tablets every 3 months. These tablets are guaranteed to kill fleas and ticks for a full 3 month period. They are easy to give and can be given at the same time as Milpro tablet, providing your pet with the most effective flea and tick control for a full 12 week period in one simple tablet.

Please contact us to purchase these treatments.




We recommend Milpro tablets every 3 months. These treat all cats 2-8kgs in weight with just one tablet. Milpro is a fully comprehensive wormer that covers both round and tapeworms.

If giving tablets to your cat is troublesome then we do also have spot on solutions. Please discuss the options with us.


We currently recommend Activyl spot on for fleas in cats. This is a new novel ingredient which gives superior flea killing ability, as well as helping to control fleas in the environment.

Please Contact us to purchase these treatments.


Exotic Pets:

We do not advise routine worming of rabbits, tortoises or other exotic pets, instead we recommend sampling before treatment.  Contact us for more information.



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