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Shires Vets are experienced in dealing with a large number of eye problems. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential as these conditions can deteriorate rapidly. 

Shires are proud to have a range of specialist diagnostic equipment including a slit lamp which provides a highly magnified view of the front part of the eye and a Tono-Pen to measure intraocular pressure and diagnose glaucoma.  Microsurgical equipment and magnifying lenses allows surgical treatment of a range of conditions including correction of conformational eyelid defects, repair of eyelid trauma and removal of eyelid masses, corneal ulcer repair and replacement of prolapsed nictitans glands (cherry eye). 

Many ocular conditions can be treated medically and our well-stocked pharmacy means we have a wide range of drugs readily available. 

Lucy Lack has a particular interest in ophthalmology and holds the ECVS certificate in ophthalmology, having undertaken extensive further training in this area.  Lucy is based at our Stone surgery where she is happy to see second opinion eye cases.

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Shires Rewards


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