An update on TB testing from APHA

From 1st September 2020 cattle herds in our area will move from 12 monthly testing to a compulsory 6 monthly test interval for all herds except those that qualify for Earned Recognition. This is being phased in gradually and had been planned for earlier in the year but was disrupted (along with everything else) by COVID.

Earned recognition is achieved by meeting either of the qualifying criteria:

  • The herd has been in existence for at least 6 years and has not had a TB breakdown in that time. A single break of less than 4 months during that 6 year period is permitted.
  • The herd is registered to a Bovine TB health scheme accredited under the CHeCS (Cattle Health Certification Standards) at level 1 or above.

APHA have also sent out a reminder recently to ensure that TB reactors have their correct passport at the time of valuation. Any animal without the correct documents will be deemed to have no market value, so if a passport is found to contain any incorrect details, or is lost, you must contact APHA immediately for specific advice BEFORE contacting BCMS.