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  • Small animals internal medicine at Shires Vets

The veterinary team at Shires Vets regularly investigate and treat internal diseases of cats and dogs to help them continue enjoying life to the full. These diseases require a range of diagnostic equipment, services and veterinary knowledge that Shires Vets provide. Internal medicine problems may be acute (rapid onset) or chronic (longer term) disease processes and affect a wide range of body systems including:

  • Endocrine disease: these are hormonal disorders which include the commonly seen and manageable feline hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), canine Cushing's syndrome (affecting the adrenal glands) and diabetes mellitus to name a few. These often require lab tests to diagnose and monitor treatment and ongoing veterinary support to help you and your pet manage their problems successfully. For example, we have many diabetic patients successfully managed on insulin treatment at home.
  • Urological disease: Chronic kidney disease is common in older animals but there can be options for slowing progression. Investigations into recurring cystitis signs may involve urine tests, diagnostic imaging or surgery to rule out bladder stones, crystals, resistant infection or cancer. Prostate problems are relatively common in the older male dog, especially if not castrated, and need management to relieve their discomfort or difficulty urinating.
  • Gastrointestinal disease: Chronic diarrhoea or vomiting can be unpleasant and harmful to your pet. Fortunately, by using a range of diagnostic tests we can manage many animal's problems.
  • Liver disease: is not uncommon but can often be managed with appropriate diagnosis. Liver biopsies can now be obtained by minimally invasive keyhole surgery, greatly helping inform on prognosis and treatment choice.
  • Respiratory medicine: chronic cough? persistent discharge from nose? breathing difficulties? Imaging and bronchoscopy (camera down airways) may be necessary to try to find the cause.
  • Haematological disorders: Internal medicine helps us investigate and manage anaemia (low red blood cell numbers for example due to bleeding, destruction or poor bone marrow function) or clotting disorders (e.g. animals unfortunately poisoned by rat-bait).
  • Nutritional advice from the vets and nursing team at Shires Vets can greatly help the management of your pet's obesity, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorder or bladder problems.