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  • Dog and Cat Behavioural Advice from Shires Vets

Dog behaviour

Dog behaviour issuesThere are many behaviour problems that can be displayed by dogs.
For example:

  • Aggression towards people
  • Aggression towards dogs
  • Separation problems (e.g. destruction/vocalising when left alone)
  • Fearful and phobic behaviour
  • Attention seeking problems
  • Control problems (e.g. recall problems)
  • Inappropriate chase behaviour
  • Coprophagia (eating faeces)
  • House soiling problems
  • Problems during travel
  • Repetitive behaviours (e.g. tail-chasing)
  • Sexual problems
  • Age-related behavioural changes

Many of these problems can impact negatively on the bond you have with your dog and a behaviour consultation is a step forward in dealing with them. At your initial consultation, the causes and motivations of your dog’s behaviour problem will be identified and discussed before a treatment plan is tailor-made for you and your dog.

Cat behaviour

Many of the behaviour problems commonly presented in cats arise due to stress resulting from the way we expect our cats to live alongside us and other pets. The most common behaviour problems encountered in cats are shown below:

  • Indoor marking, including spraying and scratching carpets and furniture
  • House soiling problems
  • Aggression towards cats
  • Aggression towards people
  • Attention seeking behaviours
  • Bonding problems (under- or over- attachment)
  • Repetitive behaviours
  • Fearful and phobic behaviour
  • Pica (chewing or eating non-food items)
  • Age-related behavioural changes

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