Exploratory surgery saves Marley

marleyThis beautiful big lad is Marley, who belongs to Signal 1 DJ Chris Bovaird and his family. Listeners of his show may well have already been following Marley’s tale lately – the poor boy has really been through the wars, unable to keep food down and really not being himself.

When X-rays showed what looked like a tumour in his intestines, things started to look pretty worrying indeed for Marley. Ted performed exploratory surgery and rather than a tumour, found that Marley’s spleen had twisted round on itself – favourable to a tumour certainly but still put him in the danger zone as the surgery required is incredibly intricate and carries it’s own risks, especially as Marley had already been under anaesthetic for a long while whilst Ted checked all through the intestines…

Happy to say Marley (and Ted, assisted by VN Luci) both did well and Marley was well enough to go home to his relieved family the next day (this is when we took the picture!) and has continued to recover well since! So pleased he gets a happy ending, he is a lovely dog and much loved part of the family.