Bulk Tank Residues – MilkSure Training

Milksure TrainingThe MilkSure course is a training initiative that has been around for a couple of years now. Its aim is to safeguard the production of milk which is free of veterinary drug residues.

Training is provided by vets for their own clients using a workbook and online learning materials. The course covers all the technical and practical aspects required to safeguard residue free milk.

The MilkSure course is suitable for anyone who milks cows. Farmers will benefit by:

  • Having fewer costly milk residue failures.
  • Using medicines more efficiently.
  • Demonstrating to customers a clear commitment to producing pure, safe milk.
  • Earn 7 Dairy Pro points for a completed course.

Some milk buyers and processors are now looking for their suppliers to undergo the MilkSure training programme to safeguard the quality of their product and confidence of their customers.

Locally, Belton Farm Cheese Makers have informed all their suppliers that they must sign up for the MilkSure course. Some bigger processors, such as Muller, are also asking their suppliers to do the training after having had a bulk tank residue failure.

To sign up for the course, a payment of £60 is required to MilkSure. In the case of Belton Farm, this fee is being paid by them. However, the course also requires you spending approximately one and a half to two hours with your vet, which also has to be charged for.

Once you have signed up for the course you have three months to complete the training, so don’t just sign up and then forget about it!

Please give us a call on 01785 850218 if you have any questions.