Red Tractor Farm Assurance & Health Planning

Red Tractor Farm AssuranceA few months ago we let you know about the changes affecting which antibiotics that are allowed to use on farm assured farms. Overall, the transition away from the use of Critically Important Antibiotics has gone very smoothly.

Red Tractor have also set some new rules for Beef and Sheep producers too.

It is now compulsory for all Red Tractor beef and lamb members to have a written annual health and performance review undertaken by a vet. This has been happening in the dairy sector for a number of years.

What this actually means:

  • A vet has to have visited your farm and seen the stock at least annually.
  • We have to review records and data. To make this exercise most useful it would be great to see data on key diseases and mortality. We appreciate it is difficult, especially during a busy lambing or calving period to keep records, but it makes reviewing the data, and seeing where improvements can be made, much easier when you eventually do have time to catch your breath! The more data you are able to provide us with, the better discussion we can have with you about your enterprise
  • After discussion with yourselves, a vet must formulate three top issues to improve upon. Lameness? Joint-ill? Growth rates?
  • Antibiotic usage data has to be reviewed. Don’t worry, you will not be penalised for over-use of antibiotics, but Red Tractor want us to help see if there’s any way to reduce the need for antibiotics by reducing disease from occurring in the first place. This is especially true of prophylactic (blanket) treatment of stock. And as you all know by now, there are certain antibiotics we cannot use more.

There are templates on the Red Tractor website with the data they want. If you can’t find them let us know and we can sort you out with a copy. Please give us warning when you need this doing, not the day before it is due.

It doesn’t have to take long, but going over your data and key points over a cup of tea (at your place or ours) can be a useful exercise.

Please give us a call on 01785 850218 to let us know when your annual review is due.